Art to Remember
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Art to Remember

Join us next Friday, May 25th for an extremely special event!

Meet artist Gartifacts and see his newest art pieces

  • Artist Garry Atkinson (Gartifacts) is a Raleigh artist with a love for history, nature, and visual teaching. His collection of unique abstract portraits mix realism with fantasy. View them at and currently at the Hotel Indigo.

  • As an artist who learned best through visuals, he created Fundo Press, a publishing company that makes creative children's books and learning tools. Learn more at

Enjoy live music from Mother Earth.

  • Eclecletic, eccentric musician Mother Earth is known to inundate the ear canal with an energy so dense that by the force of gravity, one can only spontaneously combust...

  • Mother Earth's set will feature acoustic instrumentation. Mother Earth's sound is eclectic- a fusion of funk, rock, and hip hop. Listen here!

Limited seats are available. Claim your ticket here for only $10!

What you’ll get:

  • Live music from Mother Earth

  • Wine and refreshments

  • Special discount pricing on a custom ‘Gartifacts style’ portrait
             (*order ahead of the event and see him work on it live)

  • A chance to win a free Gartifacts print of your choice

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